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Photo: Kari Lynn Hewett

"The Consummate Musician"

His impeccable ear, fine artistry, and attention to detail are invaluable assets to any project. Roger has a rare combination of dynamic creativity, artistic integrity, and personal humility**, which together guarantee that the music always comes first.

Rich colour and quirky humour flow naturally from the breadth and depth of his professional and personal experience.

Native of Norwich, on the East coast of the UK, Roger began studying piano at the age of six. By age 16 he was playing and directing professionally, and has not looked back since.

Whether composing, directing, performing or producing, Roger achieves results and a convivial atmosphere.

Roger recently completed an 11-year international tour as MD/Keyboard 1 with Cirque du Soleil's 'Corteo', for which he also composed some of the show's original music.

Between weeks of performances, he enjoyed heading into local studios to record original material using musicians from the region.

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UFO Sound Studios, Berlin, Germany

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Photo: Kari Lynn Hewett


As of 2018, Roger has returned to Cirque du Soleil to direct the musicians of Corteo, currently touring arenas across North America.