During the covid-imposed break from my tour, I developed a virtual variety show for our local non-profit theatre. I headed out of my comfort zone to explore the skills writing, directing and editing the production. With 5 original songs, underscore and sound design, it is a labour of love.


Another ‘new age’ piano feature lovingly slow-baked in my music kitchen.
A fast turnaround for this festive Intro/Outro music for The Bank Theatre in Leamington, (ON) for their series of fundraising concerts, end of 2020.
Video: Gary Glass (Quantum Sound Productions, Kingsville, ON)
Musical guest for Outro: Robert Thibert (sax), Kingsville, ON)
A new, 40’s style jazz-vocal trio arrangement of our 2018 holiday song ‘Made With Love’.

The song takes a nostalgic look at decorating the tree using handmade crafts.
Featuring Kari Lynn Hewett on vocals.
An inspirational piano improvisation recorded October 2020.

With photos of Point Pelee National Park, Ontario, Canada.
A touching original song by Kari Lynn Hewett and myself.

About the loss of a loved one.
Re-scoring of an animated short for a competition entry. Scored in a classic cartoon fashion, along the style of the Carl Stalling/Chuck Jones collaboration.
No. 1 “Heading out” (romance/adventure)
No. 2 “Troubled waters ahead” (mystery/suspense)
Four identical video clips, four different musical styles.
Which is your favourite?
No. 3 “Man of intrigue” (sophisticated jazz)
No. 4 “Come Home” (dreamy, Celtic vocal)
*Featuring the exquisite voice of Kari Lynn Hewett

Various projects from around the globe…

Santé D’Amours Fortunato performing her Hula-Hoops act from Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Corteo’.

Music performed live by the Corteo musicians:
Phil Poirier (sax), Steff Allard (violin), Eve Willems (accordion), Bobby Brennan (bass), Alex Reis (drums/perc).

Written and directed by Roger Hewett (piano/keys)
Roger composed the music for the Gold-medal winning performance of “ThroWings”, for their participation in the prestigious Festival Mondial du Cirque du Demain held in Paris, January 2016.

The duo went on to perform in more international competitions, including America's Got Talent, in the same year.
Ashwood Recording Studios, Norwich, England
"(I Only Want To Come In) From The Cold"

Excerpt from the string-section first read-through in Norwich, 06/15. One of three original songs for the holiday season, co-written with, and performed by, Kari Lynn Hewett.
Art & Co Studios, Bogota, Colombia
"Shine On Me"
An original song, with a Celtic/world flavour. Vocal performance by Kari Lynn Hewett.
Nobile Suites Hotel, Brasilia, Brasil
Just for fun:
A 'flowing' composition featuring noisy Brazilian hotel shower plumbing. One of our touring hotels a few years ago.
UFO Studios, Berlin, Germany
"Glass and Broken Things"

Original song written with, and performed by, Kari Lynn Hewett.

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